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AR Assistant

Discover the new way

of training the workforce

of tomorrow


Showing the right information,

at the right time,

in the right place

Our Nakamir Augmented Reality Assistant (NARA) allows to instantly retrieve instructions in any situation. See contextual information overlayed on the real world to give you the necessary knowledge to complete your task.

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Create in minutes

The unique simplicity of NARA allows providers for the first time to create AR training content themselves. Content curation doesn't require the help of a dedicated developer team and allows NARA to be used in a wide variety of scenarios.

Retrieve in seconds

Our solution can recognize the object in front of you and show you the relevant 3D instructions instantly. You can then follow the instructions of the virtual expert at your own pace while seeing the real object in front of you.

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Deploy anywhere

Store and manage instructions in the cloud. Record instructions for any task you can imagine. Whether you want to learn how to operate a machine or train a medical procedure, our virtual assistant has got your back.



We make training and instructions truly contextual.

We want to help you advance beyond two dimensions. Using an AR headset allows you to see content in 3D, just as the world is experienced in 3D. The Nakamir AR Assistant NARA boosts training efficiency and workplace productivity by showing you instructions in the most intuitive way.




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