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Mixed Reality Developer

At Nakamir we are developing the next generation augmented reality tools to automate creation of Augmented Reality teaching content.

We are looking for computer vision engineers and mixed reality developers who are interested to join us and shape the application from an early stage.


Palo Alto, CA



What You’ll Do

  • Join a small team to develop innovative AR software for the Hololens 2

  • Write patents and papers about your work and present it at relevant conferences

  • Work together with designers to create new kinds of AR interfaces

  • Work with world-class AI and computer vision talent on making teaching and learning truly 3D and contextual

Who You are

  • 5+ years of experience writing efficient, readable and reusable code using Stereokit, Unity, C#, C++

  • Good knowledge of computer vision including camera projections in 3D space, projective geometry and using existing computer vision toolboxes such as OpenCV, ARToolkit, Realsense SDK

  • 3+ years experience with training and running models in TF, Keras, onnx, ideally also outside python/Matlab eg. using WinML

  • Experience with UWP application development

  • Edge computing – Many of our applications need to run offline on the mixed reality headset

  • Excellent software engineering skills including source control, unit testing, debugging, documentation, continuous integration & build trains

  • Independent work ethics – We are a small team, so you need to be able to reach your goals without constant supervision

  • Perseverance – There are many roadblocks during AR development due to the novelty of the field and the lack of libraries, so perseverance to overcome these on your own is a must.

  • We are changing the field with our way to use multi-sensor recordings to create AR content. Since this is a marathon and not a sprint, enthusiasm for mixed reality technology is a must.

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